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Fall Gnome Trio Coir Mat

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This stand alone Fall Gnome Trio Coir Mat features three gnomes crowded together wearing differently patterned plaid and stripe hats while autumn leaves fall to the ground. Sunflowers and pumpkins adorn.

Crafted from fibers found in the outer husk of a coconut, the ultra durable product is naturally biodegradable, compostable, and mold-resistant. It's hand spun using a century-old technique before being woven onto a loom where the design is completed. The backing is intricately woven into hand-crafted knots to secure the natural fibers and give the mat a beautiful finish. We use long coir fibers, which offer natural drainage holes to prevent mildew build-up, show less wear and tear, and increase the height of the mat. They are a full inch thick, and stay in place without additional backing. To prevent fading, we recommend displaying the mat in a sheltered area when possible. For best results, do not let the mat sit in standing water. Cannot be used in conjunction with any of our mat trays.

  • Coir mat material (coco husk fiber) is natural an renewable, durable & long lasting.
  • Ideal choice front door or high-traffic areas because they trap dirt particles.
  • Weather resistant with colorfast dye.
  • Measures approx. 16x28inches.
  • Use our coir mat base tray for an additional accent!

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